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State of the Art:GUAHAN NAPU

WHAT IS THE MAIN OBJECTIVE OF GUAHAN NAPU? To help our local athletes excel in competition on and off island and to provide a voice for our surfing community. WHY WAS GUAHAN NAPU STARTED AND WHO STARTED IT? Guajan Napu was started for surfing to be recognized by our community. HOW MANY EVENTS HAS GUAHAN NAPU HOSTED AND WHAT ARE SOME OF ITS ACCOMPLISHMENTS? 5... [Read more of this review]


Gaining confidence: Elite Muay Thai School instructor Brogan Walker, center of back row, is shown with some of her students at the Chalan Pago community center, where classes are held. One of her students is Ysef Neth, who stands next to Walker on her right. Ralph T. Rivera/For Pacific Daily News Gaining confidence: Elite Muay Thai School instructor... [Read more of this review]


HEres a video interview were sharing from Sirena Mafnas. Its an interview on some good core questions with Stephen Roberto, the Head Instructor of PUREBRED JIUJITSU:Guam’s original,most qualified, and longest standing Jiujitsu Academy   1 pair (size 34) blue fight trunks 3 oval patches 3 femme tees (small) 1 femme tank (large or medium) 1... [Read more of this review]


Hafa Adai, On belhalf of Fokai Industries, alocal effort for slef0emprovement and perseverance, Just bidding a sincere welcome and welcome back to our visitors from abroad. Thanks for taking the measures to come through our island for this event. Just dropping a good vibe and some respect to let you guys know that our island can appreciate the physical... [Read more of this review]


37seconds of your time is more than worth it to catch this egg’s eye view of modern day Gokna Village.  Read More →


Video Segment of FokaiShipment February 2014, showcasing thediversity of merchandise available @ our stores  Read More →


When Jiujitsu first started on Guam, the absence of a Jiujitsu Academy enticed us to learning the other grappling arts to enhance our very limited jiujitsu game. We had enrolled into Freestyle Wrestling and Judo training in hopes of not only learning their techniques but also for extra mat time after practice. Inconsistent combat philospohies with our... [Read more of this review]


all is fair in love and war…. as shown in the movie Lone Survivor Blindly, LONG LIVE THE FORCE.. Pashtunwali From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Part of a series on Pashtuns Art Culture Diaspora Etymology Language Tribes Kingdoms Lodi Suri Hotaki Durrani Barakzai Religion Islam v t e Pashtunwali (Pashto:... [Read more of this review]

ProductDevalopment: TheFokaiBroBag

Video breakdown of the FokaiBroBag  Read More →

CULTIVATING THE SPIRIT: TheTruth Doesn’t Always Hurt

Much respect for Brandon Vera who has been supporting us sinceeversince. Real stoked to see how friends and family from Guam have confided in Alliance MMA’s proven program. Hope and trust that the island vibe and martial arts experience may yield mutual benefits for those and theirs. Thanks Brandon and Mabuhay Lahat!  Read More →

Familia:TobyImada via

an interview copied and pasted from   Toby Imada Interview   Last Updated on Friday, 10 May 2013 12:02 Written by Charles Jewett Friday, 10 May 2013 12:02     With today’s breed of fighters, it is not often that you see a fighter with over 50 professional fights. Toby Imada (30-18) is one of those rare MMA fighters.... [Read more of this review]

Amazing:JTTorres on Grappler’sPlanet

Grapplers Planet Exclusive Interview with JT Torres Interview by (GP King), questions and editing by Josh Sequeira (GP Bodmon)   Jonathan Torres, also known as JT, or ‘The Spiderman,’ is a first degree black belt part of team Atos, who trains and teaches in San Diego, California. Despite only being 24 years of age, JT has built a name for himself... [Read more of this review]


  via: When two islanders spotted a small fibreglass boat washed up on a remote Pacific atoll, they decided to take a closer look. What they found inside was a tale of adventure and unlikely survival to rival the blockbuster book and film Life of Pi: an emaciated... [Read more of this review]

GUAM BRANDED:MarianaIslandClothingREvolution

  Its been over 15 years for fokai  in the clothing industry and we we decided to try and take count the others who decided to trek in the same path…Let it be said that Props goes to Chelu and Tribz who have been around before we have.  Though we tread ona different path–we have alot of respect for them in going out to create not... [Read more of this review]


Copied and Pasted from Manny Pacquiao challenges Floyd Mayweather to a fight for charity By Carlo Pamintuan | Yahoo PH Sports – 4 hours ago Email Print Yahoo PH Sports – Will Pacquiao – Mayweather Jr. fight ever happen? To prove he doesn’t want a fight against Floyd Mayweather for the... [Read more of this review]