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  The following is ongoing coverage with accumulated articles regarding the Mariana Islands most significant archaeological finds to date Roughly a decade ago, during renovations for the at-the-time Okura Hotel in Tumon, graves were surprisingly found to unfold the iscovery of a massive gravesite consisting of 3different levels –unheard... [Read more of this review]

Hafa Series 2/7/16: Full Report

Time flies when you’re having fun and since surfers seem to have more fun than anyone else, it seems that in the time between waxing your board to your post surf shower–what has happened is more than meets the eye. Not t long ago , Surfing n Guam was a bit of a renegade lifestyle based in a type of counter culture. Surfers (which is... [Read more of this review]

#TeamTeiya:It’s a Family Thing

Teiya Camille Van Meter is an absolutely adorable 5 year old girl from Guam  that in May of 2015  was diagnosed with a having a tumor in her brain.  Since then her family has endured all things to get her the best care possible. Following Teiya’s events on as reported by her mother  TARA VAN METER  and staying connected with her father  BJ... [Read more of this review]

Coconuts,TheForce,&Joan Awa

Her purpose is to provide literature for children abroad to learn about an island they may never get to visit–forr the Mariana Islands it’s an extended effort to bring local children back to  basics with reading books instead of ipads.  She has piles of articles published throughout Guam printed media and currently blogs for [Read more of this review]


Use the Force! This phrase has been popularized all over the world by Star Wars but the concept of the force is nothing new. All throughout history, people have come across certain things like ki (or chi) in martial arts, and a concept of God in spirituality. It’s been depicted as something cosmic, something magical, and even something divine. All... [Read more of this review]

TEAMWORK: Nova Uniao

After ging undefeated, Jose Aldo, former UFC 145lb. Champion, took his first loss against a fight more than a year in the making agains”TheNotorious” Conor McGregor. Critcs, fans, and keyboard warriors from around the world have chimed in ridiculing Aldo for his 13 second loss and his chances for an immediate rematch. In the heat of the... [Read more of this review]


Hafa Adai, Heres a write up for Pacific Xtreme Combat 1 to highlight their 50th headline event in Guam for December 4th. Respect for everyones opinion on this but we remember things a little differently. Thank you to all the Supporters and Sponsors of Jungle Rules, Fury FC, and Fury FI.. In the world industry of professional fighting though only a few... [Read more of this review]

ABUSQUE AB AETERNO: Fokai by Pale Eric

Years ago starting Fokai Industries sent a loud and mixed vibe through the community. Friends and family knew what we were aiming to create ambitious clothing company looking to give Guam quality representation abroad but most people focused on our practice of  (what was at the time ) real  fight-training. this led to the misconception that fokai... [Read more of this review]

Para I Onra: The Ana Varu

During a trip visiting Ireland in 2010, I was with Tony Susuico(another Guam native) enjoying the view from a cliffside overlooking the famed Cliffs of Moher. There we met an old Shepherd (who at one time was a sailor) who was also walking the Cliffs and, in the midst of a hello and good conversation  had given him a Fokai Sticker with the coordinates... [Read more of this review]

Cultivate the Spirit: The Sling

What is the ” Sling” in ” Sling and Sword”? and what is fokai’s connection to it? The sling is a weapon used across the planet from thusands of years ago. Its not certain who had been the first ones to do it; its theorized that it might be one of those things that just kind of showed up at the same time in unrelated places. Besides... [Read more of this review]


The Sling is Guams native weapon, the sword is Japans native weapon. Sling and Sword is a collaborative campaign between fokai and yamato damashii to celebrate the bridge between Guam and Japan through martial arts and a statement of fokai’s connectivity with Yamato Damashii through  martial arts principles and service to defend and protect... [Read more of this review]

Team Matao , Invigoration, &The Inifresi

via Less than 24 hours before their match against the top-ranked team in Asia, the Guam men’s national soccer team is focused and confident. After touching down in Tehran, Iran on Tuesday, Team Matao met with local media and acclimated themselves to the local conditions. During an interview with the Guam Football Association media... [Read more of this review]

Fokai,The Force, & Legends: Fernando “Terere” Agusto

    Photo and story from Gracie Magazine Alan “Finfou “Do Nascimento just brought the venue to tears. After conceding the win to Fernando Tererê in their middleweight match, he handed Fernando Tererê his black belt. He later explained his actions: Fernando Tererê made what I am in Jiu-Jitsu. He taught me since the white belt.... [Read more of this review]

Foundation: Rebuild Marianas

By Katy Galimberti, Staff Writer August 7, 2015; 10:00 AM ET More Sharing ServicesShare | Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Once-Super Typhoon Soudelor pummeled the island of Saipan in the Western Pacific ocean on its path to Taiwan and China this week. Soudelor slammed Saipan with the intensity of a Category 2... [Read more of this review]

Cultivate the spirit: The Wim Hof Method

Something to share for serious life enhancement and for the good of mankind. Wim Hof convincingly and selflessly reminds us that breath is truly the key to life THE WIM HOF METHOD Summary 30 times balloon blowing Breathe in fully Breath out fully and hold until gasp reflex Inhale fully and hold for 10-15 seconds. Repeat until finished Take 5 minutes... [Read more of this review]