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Often folks will ask what this abbreviation is for and why we often place it into design.

For the educated ,its obvious –this is an abbreviation for Guam’s latitude and longitude for 13 degrees North 144 degrees East.

We added this to our campaign as a recommendation from a longtime surfing brother,  founder of Freedom Surf clothing cmpany and owner of Lotus Surf Shop, -Fred Mendiola.

13N144E is our mark on the world as an island. Its  a beacon to share where we come from.

And a reminder that even a tiny dot in the Pacific has critical position in a much larger world.

Culturally, we are blessed to come from a dignified people, and a lifestyle intimate and in tune with its natural environment. Geologically we are gifted to be in the situated  inside of an impressive exhibit of mother nature. Cosmically–we are  positioned within the vortex of some ridiculously awesome things.

We are at attention to a greater calling. Though far from perfect–Guam’s a great and blessed place We have a good people. And it’s hospitality is the living  legacy of its great ancestors. We believe in these  graces. we are confident of this lifeline. Through 13N144E We are happy and honored to share this on the world’s table








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