Cultivate Th eSpirit: FOKAI & P.O.W.

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The Pugilistic Offensive Warrior Tactics founder and program coordinator Todd Vance gives us their perspective of the Fokai Creed. Exhaust the body. Proceed the mind. Cultivate the Spirit.

“Through the training, slowly but surely, things seemed to sort things out. I partied less and was in the gym more, and stayed more focused on life. Training and martial arts got me back on track. I figured out, if this worked for me, it could help other people as well. Through martial arts, we make small positive choices in the gym, and I believe through this we can slowly apply this learning to life.”

“After a long day of work, we get to re-live with your brothers again, training hard, and building humility through working hard together in a positive way and positive environment.”

“Its difficult to find others you can talk to that have been in the same situation or similar situation you’ve gone through. To be able to relate to people in that nature is amazing. We are all still brothers in arms and throw POW we get to re live that and we don’t lose that. Most service members lose when they get back from deployment is the brotherhood which causes loneliness at times. Through the POW program, we feel the camaraderie again!”





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