I was sure that I was given 8 ISA shirts by August 17.
All of my family were so glad that we went to that Fire-GOD ( Meguro Fudo) on August 18.

So, I said ARIGATOH to the GOD, and prayed that
anyone who wear, the shirt will have happiness to all of them.

I often wear the shirt, and hanging in the room, when I sleep at every
night. I don’t know what it is, but I feel some power from the Gold ring.


I saw Yoshiko-san in GUAM, she brought the special encountering. ISA could
see you, and MIWA-san, too. These are not by accident. GOD do exist, and
Miracle do exist. Wish come true, right?

About FOKAI art:


Before he draws this image, ISA  went to pray to MEGURO FUDOH (Japanese
Fire’s GOD). of-course, with me and my mother, and I took some FUDO-sama
photos. and he drawn this image.

The purple-colored character on FUDO’s head is said “BONJI” in Japanese.
Generally, BONJI is written by buddhist monk(high priest).
We believe this character will guard him from injury and bring about win.

With love
Yuko SHIMIZU (ISA’s mother)

ISA was born on June 15, 1994 in Japan.

His real name is ?????.

He cannot do conversation from the infancy, and the family doctor diagnosed him as autism at the age of 5 years old. It was very hard for him to associate with a person and did not have friends. So his father gave a PC to become his friend. He continues writing pictures every day, and the number of pictures is beyond 1,500 cases now. His picture has a unique atmosphere and charms the person who watched it and heals them. A teacher of his nursing found the picture which he drew on the corner of the notebook at the age of 11 years old him. The teacher liked his picture very much, and she introduced his picture with her blog for many times. Afterwards, when he and his family took a trip to Guam, they met a person concerned of the FOKAI brand by chance. Because he liked pictures of ISA, FOKAI sold the T-shirt which printed his picture. He was able to hold a small private exhibition recently. We believe that you also surely love his picture.


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