Missing in Action/Found in Adventure

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Hafa Adai,

Not too sure if anyone follows this blog anymore –with good reason. Its been more difficult to maintain than anticipated. Tons of things have happened since our last post and the reality of it is that while we wanted to created ablog that would share everythign from product development to life adventure.we got so caught up in deveopling product and adventuring in life that we have miserably  failed the viewers to share these experiences…to share THE FORCE.

In this aspect–at this point, it would seem that the Force that we preach is actually weak with us. Or isn’t it?  At this day and age of technology and social media, it seems that nothing is rea unless we have a photo, or unless its posted online,. the gravity and value of what we seem to do is measured by hw may likes or how may followers we have on Facebook and Instagram.

Thought these services were created to connected people together from far away distances in the cyber workd, the overuse of these powerful tools has instead succeeded in disconnecting people from each other in the physical world.

It is a pity that it is growingly more common to find groups of people traveling at times miles to be with each other but spend the majority of their time together staring into their cell phones. and whats even more pitiful is that this is in many places–acceptable behavior

As Natalie Merchant says “These are the Days” and as Bruce Lee says “Be Like Water”.

In the midst of this dissatisfaction, however, we have to remember that the internet was in large created to service mankind. not destroy it. It truly is a powerful tool. taking into account is that the keyboard is a powerful medium for people to express themselves we should at least give it that much credit.

Where many months would have passed and even more miles that would have to have been traveled  from scores of the most capable of  men and often with casualty to get a message across an ocean–A message now can travel all over the world SIMULTANEOUSLY with this developing magical device called a cellphone–in seconds, in the hands of a child.

With all there is to gain in this photo sharing, post-liking, instagram following world–we area t best to remember the words of another friendly neighborhood famous man

“With great power comes great responsibility”.

Who am i to bitch when im as guilty as charged. With that being said..welcome back to the diary of a madman. but first–let me take a selfie


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