Passing the Guard. New President John Taimanglo

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It’s Official: Massive thanks to 10 years of his dedicated service to Guam’s international competitive surfing ambitions. After a remarkable decade of hustling and grinding–Will Byerly, President of Guahan Napu Inc. has retired his position over to new president John Taimanglo. Byerly leaves behind a legacy of service that not only chartered 10 annual events for the Rix Reef Classic, and 9 Surf the Basin events at the Agana Paseo–his administration has successfully placed Guam surfing in proper positioning with the I.S.A. and GNOC to qualify Guam as a potential competitor in Surfings debut into the Summer Olympics in Tokyo 2020. Ushering Guam into the mainstream of international competitive wave riding–His contributions official and non-official,have set Guam into great track to provide increased opportunities for surfers,bodyboarders,and Stand Up Paddlers on island. With new fire on board for the GNI–the sky’s the limit! Thanks Will! Excellent Job–Catch you in the Water!



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