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In thYou know-for the most part, we try not to post anything here BUT Fokai-related stuffs. But something disturbing came to our attention and that is THIS–

In the movie PulpFiction, Samuel Jackson told si John Travolta that, in the UK, a Quarter Pounder was called a McRoyale with cheese–  simply because the UK  used the metric system and measured weight in kilos and not pounds. Fair enough.We found this to be educational and enlightening. Truth to tell–even our souls felt smarter. But after a brief visit to Bristol England a few months back, much to our dismay we discovered–


Broken hearts Bruh!

But Ronald recovered well keeping us safe and sound knowing that McD’s UK is down with the Black and Gold!

And truthfully speaking–this is a part of Fokai becasue McDonald’s is a part of everybody!

You deserve a break today…


2 Comments on "FokaiUK:PulpFiction!"

  1. Jeff M on Tue, 18th May 2010 10:07 pm 

    There may be some truth to this… After reading this I realized that in Austria (Tirol) it is called a “Hamburger Royale mit Kase” aka Hamburger Royal with Cheese and not the “Quarter Pounder” that we know.
    This is one of the first “German” phrases/restaurant orders I had to learn (to avoid starvation) because there are not too many English speakers in the less populated regions of Austria and I had to have my Mc’D's…

  2. Tommy on Wed, 19th May 2010 4:43 am 

    Ha! Good news for you — the line was actually “You know what they call a Quarter Pounder with cheese in France” — not Britain :)

    Can’t believe that movie came out 16 years ago now!

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