Slingers from Guam Arrive in Spain For 2017 International Competition UPDATE!

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Slingers from Guam in Spain UPDATE!

The F Word:


Mallorceans are known throughout history for their armies of thousands of slingers. They were so proficient that they were highly sought after as soldiers for war.

Guam has the only national flag pf the world featuring a sling-stone.


Update w/ Roman DLC. Currently in Spain for the competition along side Guelo Rosario and Tony Piaulig

Just got here lsat night and trying to figure mobilizations. Were trying to catch a sling tour ament today but its far. Hoping to participate but if not, at least scope the scene. Level of slinging here is insane. We are not too far off i think from the folks we slung with at the small tournament. We go to sling actually with a few former champs and we actually got some great remarks from them. But we havent seen their best.

Got about 200 launches in yesterday! And met a dude who found an antigo slingstone in a cave shaped like ours. Very positive connection so far. I think they have a few thousand slingers today and some cool slings. Saw a sling 50 years old and still going! Natural organic fiber too. Generations of slinging families. One of the Paradise islands of Europe with folks that also dread Spanish colonization and gravitate towards their ancestral beliefs. Like Chamorros to America, the Clearly distinguish themselves as Mallorcean instead of Spanish.

Whole bunch of folks were really receptive to us as we had commonality with slinging, Ancestral slinging!

Im 2days were gathering with people from 16 other countries for a visit to the giant sling statue.


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