Slinging1008: Sling Golf

October 8, 2016 by  
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Slinging is the signature weapon of the ancient Chamorro people.
We want to launch this sport to

1: Celebrate, Motivate, and Populate the cultural pursuit and practice of slinging stones and hopefully provide a powerful gateway experience towards the positives of ancestral rediscoveries.

2. Provide a gateway experience into the world-respected sport of Golf to help build better citizens.. Golf courses seem to do the best job at preserving natural landscapes–this experience roots slinging well to its connections with the Biblical David vs. Goliath

3.To create a sense of pride and achievement for the Chamorro people and to provide local and non-local slinging practitioners and

We have been preparing to one day Play 18 Full holes in world-renowned golf courses playing by golf rules with the only difference being using Slings instead of a golf clubs.


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