Jiu Jitsu In Paradise // Tetsuji Kato

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Tetsuji Kato  first arrived on Guam for A SuperBrawl5 in 1998 where he won a lightweight NHB tournament
He easily defeated his opponents to win the tournament.

He was flown to Guam for months at a time by Enson Inoue to teach local grapplers for free at the Purebred Shoot Gym Guam.

He repeated this process in Saipan and has helped launch CNMI talents such as Frank “The Crank” Camacho, Cuki Alvarez & Shane “Pikaboo” Alvarez and has contributed deeply to the foundation of the Mariana Islands success in MMA over the years.

In his career he has competed in the ADCC, lost a 3rd round decision fight to Anderson Silva, and competed in headliner fight of the first ever MMA event in the Playboy Mansion against Gilbert Melendez.

After along break from competition He competes at Copa de Marianas on 10/08


FULL FIGHT VIDEO: Guam’s Baby Joe Taimanglo Bellator 159 win over Darrion Caldwell

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FULL FIGHT VIDEO: Guam’s Baby Joe Taimanglo Bellator 159 win over Darrion Caldwell

Play by play:

Darrion Caldwell vs. Joe Taimanglo

Round 1

Veteran referee “Big” John McCarthy is the third man in the cage for tonight’s main event, which is a likely No. 1 contender bout for the bantamweight division. Caldwell swings and misses with some big punches early, even slipping to the ground while throwing an overhand left, but the southpaw soon settles down. Taimanglo looks to press forward and walks into a hard body kick from Caldwell. The Guam native stuffs Caldwell’s first takedown attempt, a double-leg shot from a mile out. Caldwell catches Taimanglo throwing a kick and shoots inside again, this time driving “Baby Joe” to the ground at the base of the fence. Caldwell looks for full mount as he mashes Taimanglo’s face with short, hard right hands and elbows. Taimanglo nearly gives up his back at one point, but he flips over and keeps Caldwell contained in half guard as they hit the midway point of round one. Caldwell’s offense drops off as he works to corral Taimanglo, who has now reclaimed full guard. Taimanglo works his way back to his feet with 80 seconds left, then sprawls on another long shot from “The Wolf.” Caldwell grabs hold of Taimanglo’s left arm from the sprawl position and tries to work it into a kimura, but the wrestler winds up on his knees with Taimanglo spinning to take his back. Taimanglo doesn’t have great position on the back, and Caldwell is able to escape out the back door to finish the round on top, still working for the kimura. 10-9 Caldwell.

Round 2

Caldwell slides backward and slaps Taimanglo’s face with a high kick as the bantamweights engage in a much more measured start to the second round. Taimanglo slips to the ground while throwing a kick and has to defend as he stands, with Caldwell running at him with a knee before pushing him against the wall. Taimanglo breaks loose from the clinch and resets in the center, now about two minutes into the period. Caldwell shoots under a murderous right hand from Taimanglo and floors him with another takedown. Heavy pressure from half guard keeps Taimanglo pinned to the canvas; Caldwell stays busy on top with short punches and another kimura attempt. Caldwell keeps grinding down the stretch with shoulder strikes and forearms to the face. It’s not enough for referee McCarthy, who stands up the fighters with 30 seconds on the clock. Taimanglo shoots for a last-second takedown, but Caldwell backs up to the wall and defends it with ease. 10-9 Caldwell.

Round 3

Caldwell shoots a mile-long double-leg and gets sprawled on by Taimanglo, who wraps up an arm-in guillotine choke and jumps guard. From his knees, Caldwell tries to climb back to his feet but doesn’t make it, and he taps out as they tumble to the ground. Guam’s Joe Taimanglo pulls off a huge upset, handing Darrion Caldwell the first loss of his career via second-round submission.

The Official Result

Joe Taimanglo def. Darrion Caldwell via Submission (Guillotine Choke) R3 0:09