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Use the Force!

This phrase has been popularized all over the world by Star Wars but the concept of the force is nothing new.

All throughout history, people have come across certain things like ki (or chi) in martial arts, and a concept of God in spirituality. It’s been depicted as something cosmic, something magical, and even something divine.

All of these things dictate unseen elements that make the impossible possible and places the seemingly unattainable into the palms of our hands.

After thinking of so many things that have defied reason and science–we cant argue the fact that there are somethings out there far beyond rational explanation.

This is something we’ve always believed in and leaned towards. Weve made so many mistakes in our growth as a movement, a company, a family, and a clothing label; for whatever reason–were still around. Sinceeversince, we’ve always felt some extra help. For whatever we couldnt come up with up front, we searched for within, and if still we couldn’t find it–we’d pray for from above. And the Lord, whoever that might be keeps coming.

Inside and outside of FokaiIndustries, we’ve all been put here for a grand purpose. We are fortunate to find that through our line of of work and we can’t deny the calling for us to serve.

As human beings we are mortal, as mortals we’ve almost felt that our limits as men put things far beyond us. And in many cases, most of us have given up. For most, this seems true but where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Its this will, this “force” that advances us as a people.When things get tough we pray to a higher power and quite often  in mysterious ways , something a “force” comes to answer our prayers. Even when our eyes are open this thing hiding up front seems easy to identify but  it’s still something difficult to organize properly into words. Like the air we breathe, even though invisible it proceeds to give us life.

In a world outside of Hollywood theatrics,It’s a whole lot more than moving things with your mind. Understanding this and trying to come to the best of terms with fully is a lifetime pursuit and challenge, but its definitely worth the effort.

For the good of man and as strength for the weak– its a pursuit we believe in and  are happy to standby.

In everything you do– for better not for worse,May the Force be with you.e


PS. Don’t give in to the Darkside!




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