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Manny Pacquiao challenges Floyd Mayweather to a fight for charity

To prove he doesn’t want a fight against Floyd Mayweather for the money, Manny Pacquiao has offered a fight with proceeds going to charity. In an interview with Aquiles Zonio of, Pacquiao opened up about the verbal jabs being thrown his way.

“I’m not desperate to fight him just for the sake of money or material things. I’m not the one seeking this fight; rather it’s the boxing fans all over the world,” Pacquiao said in the interview.

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“I am ready to submit myself to any kind of stringent drug testing. Above all, I challenge him to include in our fight contract that both of us will not receive anything out of this fight,” Pacquiao challenged. “We will donate all the proceeds from the fight—guaranteed prize, should there be any, gate receipts, pay-per-view and endorsements—to charities around the world.”

Pacquiao added that he is not desperate for a fight as what Mayweather is suggesting. He said he is comfortable about how his career holds up in boxing history. “There’s no reason why I should be desperate to fight him. But since boxing fans worldwide are seeking and demanding a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight, I don’t want to disappoint them,” he added.

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“As to my tax problem, my lawyers are fixing it already,” Pacquiao told Zonio. “I’m paying my taxes religiously. It is just a matter of reconciling our records with the tax agencies both here and abroad. Should there be any discrepancy, rest assured, I will settle it. I’m a lawmaker and I’m a law-abiding citizen.”

Reacting to Mayweather’s announcement that he will be retiring from boxing in September next year, Pacquiao shot back at Mayweather. “The public clamor for a Pacquiao-Mayweather bout is getting stronger. The only way he can avoid facing me in the ring is to retire from boxing,” Pacquiao said.

“Floyd, if you’re a real man, fight me,” Pacquiao closed. “Let’s do it for the love of boxing and for the fans. Let’s do it not for the sake of money. Let’s make the boxing fans happy.”


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