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Have never been good with gracing the table becasue theres so much to cover that theress so much can be left out. First for whatever was spoken before blessing the table at Ralfys for the second rendition of the grasshopper inc season celebration—its sincere and heartfelt. Forgot to mention to Thank DaraRoberto and the staff@Ralphy’s for the always-meomorable venue, SteveShimizu and crew@TheBuzz Cafe for the ever-so-good catering, and FokaiInternationalLogisticsl backbone,Carlo Dela Cruz for facilitating the road to January 9th, 2010. Great Company, GreatFood, Great Times.

There was defintiely alot to be thankful for in 2009 and i think just as much there was enough to be sorrowful for. but we wont drown in our sorrows we will surf happily int he gratitude that ultimately is a gift from above. Hopefully that we find strength in this and keep the blessings flowing to those who might be less fortunate¬† and not as a selfish method to elevate ourselves. Some have said that the secret to life is to live for others. and the best way to do this is not to live above, but to live among. Thanks for welcoming us into your homes and families. in alot of ways–you are more than welcome to ours. This whole FokaiThing is only successful because of your support and its this understanding, appreciation, and call-of dutythat has not only been with us sinceeversince but will stay with us ForLife.

For God, in our imperfections, there isa lways a Sorry and a Please. but hopefully in everything we might be looking for for ourselves or even for others—that we may never forget the ThankYous.

For Ralphy’s, Purebred, Scooterworld,BuzzCafe, Ambros and TheKingOFBeers, DNA Inc, LotusSurf,GuahanNapu, and anyone else who mightve left out–A ChamoruTime toast for everyone who was kind enought o join int he celebration. a standing invitation for you to be a part of the next.¬† And a truly rooted spark for the goodthings we hope to find you in 2010 and beyond.

Still–Rock and Roll. GodBless


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