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  1. Garrett Sevilla on Sat, 8th Aug 2009 10:10 pm 

    man..where do i start..
    FOKAI IS THE TRUTH of guam.its represents
    GUAM like no other.especially when i saw that
    episode of ultimate fighter when dana white
    was wearing that fokai shirt.i went crazy like
    WHAT!now thats whats up.well im out here
    GEORGIA right now and im representing GUAM
    AND FOKAI for life.i had my parents send me a
    few shirts and people here are lovin it like
    “hey man,where did u get ur shirt?”i said GUAM.
    i rep like no other.thanx to fokai and my family
    back at home.i’ll be home the end of september cuz
    im in the army so stay up GUAM and i’ll be home soon!love ya’ll peace!

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